Crazyxxx3Dworld is home to many great CGI artists and
writers, but few can compare to the infamous JAG27.  We are
proud that our site is his exclusive home and his work can be
found no where else.  With over 15 years of CGI work and
adult writing, this master artist has well over 400 comics
and over 30,000 individual images to his creative credits.
His stories span a wide spectrum of topics from the
mundane drama of real life to the far reaches of science
fiction. Taking a wide and far-reaching step away from
the stereotypical CGI designers, JAG27 has brought to
life an incredible variety of female characters who are
far more realistic and believable than the impossible
fantasy figures produced by other artists.
And in doing so, he's earned a reputation world wide for creating
some of the most unique and curvy characters to ever grace the
internet. In addition to his innovative CGI designs and art, he is
reknown for the use of intriguing and psychologically driven
plots in his writing of comics...presenting not just pretty
pictures, but images with true story development and
character interaction.  Like JAG27, we believe good
comics require more than just good art and here at
Crazyxxx3Dworld, all of our creative teams strive
to create not only comics that are visually stunning
but also comics that will continue to tantalize your
imagination long after you've finished looking at
them.  Please enjoy our introduction tour...