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Coming soon! The police have found Carla and an investigation has begun, but who's the bad guy? I bet you have a few guesses don't you? Aside from that, Brenda and Annie have arrived with camera and food in tow and it's about to get nasty. Meanwhile, we find Jane having a really whacked nightmare about getting pregnant... not that it's gonna deter her from Gordon! And last but not least we got some really cool POV [point of view] camera shots of what goes down in Brenda's apartment! More twisted and naught doings from O.Mad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 02/06/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 05:29 MIN]

Coming soon! Brenda having settled matters with Scott goes off to find Herman's digital video camera... but when Annie goads her into testing it out, things heat up between the two tubbies. Meanwhile, what started in the car ends up in a bed... can we say pipe get'in laid? Yes we can! Also we find out that Holly is still alive and an unexpected guest in the basement of Howell... and we also get the inside scoop of how she got there finally. And the truth may come as a bit of a surprise. And last but no least, after leaving her bed with a crusty coating, Jane finally delivers Gordon to Margie's house... but when she spots Tabitha... things get a bit heated between her and Margie and no, not in the good way! More nasty from O.Mad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 02/02/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 04:41 MIN]

Jane and Gordon are finally on their way to the new home, but things take a turn for the kinky when Jane's shirt pops open for real this time! And after some hanky-panky, she hits on an idea to give him what he wants and get something out of it for herself... and not just some dick! Meanwhile, Brenda continues retelling her story... confronting Scott about the offer from Penetta which, as she expects, he jumps all over. Later she finds Herman's video camcorder and decides to film the upcoming tryst. Oh and there's a spooge in the car scene that will blow your mind! More dirty doings from the twisted mind of O.Mad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 01/30/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 05:29 MIN]
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An epic love story. One of the greatest love stories ever told... in this particular episode. A mans struggle for true love shadowed by a menacing, blond bimbo who just wants him for herself. Will he be able to be with his true love or will the blond bimbo get her hearts desire? This is entirely unimportant in this episode because this episode is actually about Catherine and the gang coming back to the facility where she was kept in order for her to find closure... or so they thought. Sometimes you’re destined to be a guard to a crazy, yet powerful, woman no matter what you do. Back to square one for Bob and Jerry. Story & Art by AUDITOR OF REALITY.
Date: 01/27/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 06:17 MIN]
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Gordon has a condom on... but he wants Jane to check it out and make sure it's on properly... a fact which both shocks and enthuses her, especially after she comes eye to nut with his gigantic ball sack! Gordon got it on right... but will it work to save his pants from his overly messy eruptions? One way to find out, right? Test it out! Which Jane seems all too eager to help him out with! Meanwhile at Howell, Elizabeth and Brenda finally begin to talk... and more of Brenda's real back story emerges and we finally learn what it was that got her tossed in the slammer! And it's not what you probably thought! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 01/24/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 05:29 MIN]
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At Margie's house, Tabitha volunteers to test the penis pump device Margie's invented... a fact which takes the old lady by surprise. But far be it from her to pass up the chance to test her deviant device out but when it turns out to be far more effective than she'd hoped, she's not sure if it's a good thing or not! Meanwhile, Jane, having gotten roped into transporting Gordon to his new residence, discovers firsthand why he freaks Francis out... only thing is... he doesn't seem to freak Jane out. In fact, she feels sorry for him and ends up trying to help him out despite Francis' warnings to the contrary. Needless to say... semen is about to fly! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 01/21/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 05:53 MIN]
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In the aftermath of Elizabeth's first date sex with Doctor Werner... she finds herself questioning things that she hadn't thought of before... like namely... could she be a Rasse herself? And how can she have Caleb check it out without ratting herself out in regards to Jeremy? Meanwhile, Brenda's recollection of her first sexual tryst with Scott continues to play out... and man... does it get nasty... and I'm not just talking sex nasty... I'm talking EWWWWW... sticky nasty! And last but not least, Tabitha ends up confiding in Margie that fact that she's a hermaphrodite and pregnant... all in an effort to find out why Margie's drilling holes in the wall. Yeah... a hole in the wall. Fill in the blanks... I'm sure it'll hit you if you think about it long enough. Hah! More filth from OttoMad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 01/18/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 05:41 MIN]
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As Brenda's recollection of events with Scott continues to unfold, we learn... FINALLY... that the details leading up to their actual first sexual encounter vary greatly from the previous versions told by both of them. In fact, as we find them slapping nasties...we discover it was more an act of desperation than lust or perversion... but what grows from it... may even up leaning more heavily toward the lewd end of the spectrum. Meanwhile in the present, Doctor Werner and Elizabeth are pounding it as well... and yeah, on the first date no less! And last but certainly not least, we get back to Tabitha who's been moved to another home to accommodate her becoming a patient at Howell... and while she likes her new caretaker... she realizes there is definitely something not right about the woman. Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 01/15/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 05:53 MIN]
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As the Horde ...s draw closer, Number Two continues to wreak havoc... her pursuit of the President and Colonel Braddock gets side-tracked when the Sergeant Major pisses in her wheaties. Meanwhile, Corporal Cooper finally makes it to the Sim-Den and shows up just in time to save both the Sergeant Major AND Doctor Gaynor. And last but not least, our nearly forgotten flight of Gundawg trainees returns just in time to give Number Five and her landing ... mortal hell. It's aerial fury at it's best... some truly high-end dog-fighting scenes in this one... oh, and there's also big bouncing boobies... did I forget to mention that? More sci-fi goodness from O.Mad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 01/12/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 05:53 MIN]
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Our brave hero finds himself at the receiving end of a lecture from his teachers due to his behaviour these past weeks. A rather commonplace event in his life. Being in trouble is his default state of being at this point. However, this time, he has had quite enough and a very heated discussion begins. Well, less of a discussion and more of a tantrum that leaves everyone feeling jaded. So, our hero does what he always does when he feels jaded and that is to take a long bath in the secret bathing room he has found years ago. Unfortunately, that room is not quite as secret as he thought. Story & Art by AUDITOR OF REALITY.
Date: 01/09/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 06:17 MIN]
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