L A S T   U P D A T E S


Coming soon! Having used... persuasive methods to pull the big boss to their side and then expertly failing with the rest of the plan which made their presence known to everyone on the island - there is only one thing left for our heroes to do and that is to get ready for an all out confrontation with everyone who stands in their way of getting into the elusive bunker. First thing’s first, they need some new toys and Edward is more than willing to provide a few prototypes that turn out to be luxurious as they are effective and that means they might as well grab a martini and soak up some sun while they get ready for action, right? Story & Art by AUDITOR OF REALITY.
Date: 04/22/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 06:17 MIN]

Laura returns home to her empty apartment still stressing over her meeting with Brenda... when something the fat blonde said finally sinks in and sends her to Keith's room where she discovers something that blows her mind... and... makes her horny as hell! Meanwhile, Gordon is just getting settled for his first night in his new home... when he notices the odd hole in the wall and confronts Margie about it. Once he's got the truth, he thinks it's open sea... but gets put down before he even gets started. Moments later, Tabitha comes to visit and he finds out the HARD way why she may not be the best target for his sexual needs! More deviant doings from the twisted mind of OMad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 04/17/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 05:17 MIN]
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It's a short episode and one somewhat lacking in the porn department... but nevertheless, you do not want to skip this one! Having finished up with the backstory of Brenda's arrest and the two police officers involved, we catch back up to current time and find Dr. Werner settling in at the Howell Clinic and guess who his first patient is? Yep, it's Brenda and he's about to discover something about her that will blow your mind. And he's not the only one who's visiting her either... can you guess who the other is? More deep-thinking dirty from Ottomad! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 04/12/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 04:17 MIN]
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We pick up right where episode sixteen left off... with Mickey having a little nap as Nora peeps in on him. But what's he dreaming about that's got him all riled up? We get a bizarre glimpse in bright, vivid color! Meanwhile, Sarah confronts Bernie's new vending machine slut and demands to know what's going on. And when the smoke clears, a deal will be struck between two parties that may well mean the end of Devon! And left to herself, Shannon decides to try and find the stables, but instead ends up waking up Mickey... [cue porn music]... like you didn't see that one coming? More nasty from everyone's favorite nudie resort! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 04/08/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 04:53 MIN]
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When a limo shows up at the resort bearing Demi Bannion, things immediately take a turn for the sinister. When she calls for Penny to visit her inside the dark tinted car, things get even more ominous! Meanwhile, Sarah has made a disturbing discovery... her husband is cheating on her... and with a much shorter woman! Will she be repulsed or turned on? And last but not least, Otto throws us a brief dream sequence featuring Maddie just for ...s and giggles! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 04/04/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 04:41 MIN]
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No such sorrow as leaving the only home you have ever known. No matter how many years you wished to leave it, when that day finally comes, you will feel sorrow and nobody knows that better than our daring hero. After spending years irritating his teachers with requests for any mission that would lead him outside the hollowed walls of The Academy, the day has finally come when he must embark upon the greatest quest of them all and he begins to question if he really wants to leave, but wishes are tricky things. It is easy to wish but impossible to take it back. He must leave, but before he does, he will say his goodbyes. Story & Art by AUDITOR OF REALITY.
Date: 03/30/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 06:17 MIN]
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HD Downloads: 59

As Bernie settles into life at the resort, he discovers to his dismay that Penny not only recognizes him, but immediately figures out why he's there and he ends up confessing the entire plot Devon cooked up. Off the hook, but not out of the woods, he then finds himself face to face with a new character and guest of the resort that shocks him to his core... and leads him into a whole new area of perversion... one in which his wife will unfortunately discover! Meanwhile Penny prepares to meet the Bannions! More naked doings at everyone's favorite nudie camp! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 03/25/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 05:17 MIN]
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You go through all the trouble capturing old warlords through immense per...al sacrifice... of your associate. You finally get him to agree and help you in your plan to take over the island and, by extension, get to the bunker and what happens? You grab the wrong guy while driving a quad on an insanely steep cliff and launching into the sea below. Such a simple plan. Who knew it could go so wrong. Its failure ensured everybody on the island will now be coming after our super secret agent. Including some very... unsavoury individuals. Story & Art by AUDITOR OF REALITY.
Date: 03/19/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 06:17 MIN]
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In an effort to get Penny alone so she can tell her what's going on at the colony, Nora heads out in the rain to pick her up in a golfcart. The ride back to the resort ends up being very enlightening... especially when Penny tells her that she's willing to let the Bannions spy on her if it means getting a brand new house... and a job? It's the latter that seems the odd request, until Demi informs Nora that she this is exactly what she has in mind for Penny! Meanwhile, some new guests arrive at the resort, but not just any guests... these were sent by Devon to spy on Penny... but spying isn't exactly what's going to happen once the clothes start getting taken off! More dirty doings at the nudie camp! Story & Art by OTTO MADDOX.
Date: 03/14/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 08:05 MIN]
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Bad choices just keep pilling on for our daring hero. What with the crazy students, hateful classmates and teachers that keep working him over for...bad things he does. Can’t a man catch a break? Again, he finds himself getting yelled at by his teacher. He did, very much, deserve it though. Taking advantage of his teachers the way he did. Not to mention doing a very bad job of it. Still, all he can do now, that he is in a great deal of trouble, is either calmly and rationally handle future situations so as not to find himself in such situations again or, as long as he’s already at the bottom of the massive chasm of trouble, have some fun... wonder which he'll choose? Story & Art by AUDITOR OF REALITY.
Date: 03/10/2015
Type of content:[VIDEO 06:17 MIN]
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